Identity Projects and Processes in the Romanian Space, 19th-20th Centuries

 Edited by Viorel Achim. Cluj-Napoca: Romanian Academy, Center for Transylvanian Studies, 2010, 160 p. (= Transylvanian Review, Vol. XIX, Supplement No. 4)



Editors’ Note, pp. 5-6

The Romanian Abolitionism

(Articole scrise de membrii echipei de cercetare de la Institutul de Istorie "Nicolae Iorga”)

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Venera ACHIM, The Policy of Settling Gypsy Blacksmiths in Wallachian Villages, 1831-1848, pp. 37-49

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Identity Movements in the 20th  Century Romania

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Press and Politics 

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Challenges of Modernity 

Olga LUKÁCS, The Issue of Women’s Education in Transylvanian Reformed Institutions in the 17th and 18th Centuries, pp. 115-128

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List of Authors, p. 160

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