Viorel Achim (editor): Politica regimului Antonescu faţă de cultele neoprotestante. Documente [The Policy of the Antonescu Regime towards the Neoprotestant Denominations. Documents].

Bucharest: Editura Institutului Naţional pentru Studierea Holocaustului din România “Elie Wiesel”; Iaşi: Polirom, 2013, 931 pp. ISBN 978-973-88354-98; ISBN 978-973-46-3639-6


Politica-regimului-Antonescu-fata-de-cultele-neoprotestante-Documente-thThis collection contains 513 documents regarding the policy developed by the Romanian state in the years 1940-1944 towards the Neo-Protestant denominations: Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists and Brethren, totaling around 100,000 citizens, most of them of Romanian origin. Starting with September 1940 the three denominations became the target of a systematic policy for limiting the freedom of faith, about to intimidate the believers and determine them to leave their faith and turn to Orthodoxism. This policy included a whole range of legislative, administrative and police measures. It turned into a systematic persecution, which culminated with the banning of the three religious organizations, the closing of the houses of worship and punishment of all public expression of faith.
What happened between 1940-1944 in Romania with the Neo-Protestant denominations was the most violent episode in the confessional policy of the Romanian state, when the state apparatus was put in the service of a totalitarian ideas: the confessional homogenization of the nation, by forced conversion to Orthodoxism of all “lost” ethnic Romanians.
The special policy towards the Neo-Protestants in which numerous institutions of the Romanian state were involved, at all levels, from the Presidency of the Minister Council and ministries to town halls and gendarme precincts, produced a considerable quantity of documents, part of them kept in archives.
The documents of this collection are a selection of these archive materials.

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