Annual scientific reports




Research project with the title
The Abolitionist Movement in the Context of Civil and Political Emancipation in Modern Romania, project code: PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0655

The activities developed by the research team in the period 6 December 2014-4 December 2015 are the ones included in the project plan, the version from the Additional act no. 1/2015.

1. The documentation work

The research team continued in 2015 the documentation work on this project, which is mainly built on archive materials, press and other epoch publications. We worked in archives and libraries in Romania: the Central Historical National Archive (Bucharest), the Iaşi County National Archives Department, the Vâlcea County National Archives Department, the Romanian Academy Library, the National Library of Romania, the "Mihai Eminescu" University Central Library in Iaşi, the "Lucian Blaga" University Central Library in Cluj-Napoca, the library of the "Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History in Bucharest and in several other places.

Two researchers made research stays abroad: Viorel ACHIM in Berlin, Germany, where he worked in Geheimes Preussisches Staatsarchiv and in Staatsbibliotek Berlin (9-22 November 2015); and Raluca TOMI in Neaples, Italy, where she worked in Archivio di Stato di Napoli (16-28 November 2015). The researchers studied mainly diplomatic documents concerning Wallachia and Moldavia in the first half and in the middle of the 19th century, including the issue of slavery and the process of the emancipation of Gypsies.

2. Elaboration of studies and books

Researchers worked on elaborating studies and books representing the main productions of the project.

2.1. Elaboration of the monograph volume

Aboliţionism şi emancipare în România modernă [Abolitionism and Emancipation in Modern Romania]. Authors: Venera ACHIM, Viorel ACHIM, Raluca TOMI, Cătălin TURLIUC. Bucharest: Editura Academiei Române, 2015 (forthcoming).
The book approaches, in special chapter and sub-chapters, all problems belonging to the historical phenomenon of the abolitionist movement in the Romanian principalities around 1830-1860. The chapters of the book are written by one or more authors.

2.2. Elaboration of the collection of studies in English

In parallel with the work on the monograph volume mentioned above, we also worked on the volume in English about the Romanian abolitionism. The volume shall be a collection of original studies signed by the members of the research group. We agreed the structure of the volume and the (working) titles of the studies. They will approach the most important issues of the topic, including the international connections of the abolitionist movement in the Romanian principalities.

3. Dissemination of some final results

3.1. Papers at scientific conferences

During 2015 we presented a number of ten papers in scientific conferences, in Romania (5) and abroad (5):
1. Viorel ACHIM: "The problems encountered by former Roma deportees after returning from Transnistria" - paper at the Fifth international multidisciplinary conference "Beyond Camps and Forced Labour: Current International Research on Survivors of Nazi Persecution", Imperial War Museum, London, United Kingdom, 7-9 January 2015.
2. Cătălin TURLIUC: "Marile reforme din timpul domniei lui Alexandru Ioan Cuza" [The great reforms during the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza] - paper at the Symposium "Unirea din 1859" [The Union of 18591, Focşani, 17 January 2015.
3. Cătălin TURLIUC: "Modernizarea instituţională a României în epoca Unirii Principatelor" [Intitutional modernization of Romania in the epoch of the Union of Principalites] - paper at the Conference "Unirea Principatelor Române şi ecourile sale în Basarabia" [The Union of the Romanian Principalities and its echos in Bessarabia], organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova, 23 January 2015.
4. Viorel ACHIM: "Reforma agrară a lui Cuza şi emancipaţii" [The land reform of Alexandru Ioan Cuza and the emancipated] - paper at the Symposium "Omagiu Făuritorilor Unirii" [Tribute to the Makers of the Union], the 4th edition, organized by the "Al. I. Cuza" Association Iaşi and the Museum of the Union, Iaşi, 23 January 2015.
5. Cătălin TURLIUC: "Administraţie şi politică în vremea domniei lui Alexandrun Ioan Cuza" [Administration and politics during the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza] - paper at the Symposium "Omagiu Făuritorilor Unirii" [Tribute to the Makers of the Union], the 4th edition, organized by the "Al. I. Cuza" Association Iaşi and the Museum of the Union, Iaşi, 23 January 2015.
6. Viorel ACHIM: "Considerations about the territorial distribution of Gypsy slaves in Romanian principalities" - paper at the International Conference "Slaving Zones: Cultural Identities, Ideologies, and Institution in the Evolution of Global Slavery", hosted by Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands, 1-2 June 2015.
7. Viorel ACHIM: "Gypsies speak. An analysis of the petitions of the Gypsy slaves in the Romanian principalities, c. 1835-1855" - paper at the Annual Conference of the Gypsy Lore Society on Romani Studies, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova, 10-12 September 2015.
8. Cătălin TURLIUC: "Naţionalism şi propagandă în perioada neutralităţii" [Nationalism and propaganda during the period of neutrality] - paper at the conference "Românii în prima conflagraţie mondială. Tentaţii, opinii şi acţiuni în perioada neutralităţii României" [Romanians in the First World War. Temptations, opinions and actions in the period of Romania’s neutrality], organized by A. D. Xenopol Institute of History and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iaşi, 8-9 October 2015.
9. Cătălin TURLIUC: "Nationalism - A Secular Liturgy of Modernity" - at the International Conference "National Identities in Intercultural Dialogue", organized by Moldova State University and the Office for Inter-ethnic Relations of the Republic of Moldova, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova, 28-30 October 2015, Keynote speaker.
10. Cătălin TURLIUC: "Cauza naţională românească în preajma şi în timpul Primului Război Mondial" [The Romanian national cause on the eve of and and during the First World War] - paper at the International Symposium "Români-Moldoveni-Europeni. Dileme şi Identităţi" [Romanians-Moldovans-Europeans], Iaşi-Bălţi-Chişinău, 4-8 November 2015.

3.2. Scientific studies and articles

Between December 2014-November 2015 we submitted for publication four articles, from which one has been already published and the others will be published in the next year:
1. Cătălin TURLIUC: "Games within Frontiers: Memory and Citizenship in Interwar Romania". In: Gheorghe Cliveti (ed.), Clio în oglindiri de sine. Academicianului Alexandru Zub. Omagiu, Iaşi: Editura Universităţii "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" din Iaşi, 2014, pp. 743-754.
2. Viorel ACHIM: "Între integrare şi discriminare: romii ca paradigmă" [Between integration and discrimination: Roma as a paradigm]. In: Trivium. Revistă de gândire simbolică, Iaşi (forthcoming).
Other several articles are in the final stage of elaboration and will be published in 2016.

3.3. Dissemination events; radio and TV shows

1. Participation of Viorel ACHIM in the debate with the title "159 de ani de la dezrobirea romilor în Principatele Române" [150 years from the emancipation of Roma in the Romanian Principalities], organized by the "Romano Kher" National Center for Roma Culture, in partenership with the National Agency for Roma, Bucharest, 20 February 2015.
2. Lecture with the title "Mihail Kogălniceanu şi aboliţionismul românesc" [Mihail Kogălniceanu and the Romanian abolitionism], presented by Cătălin TURLIUC at the "Mihail Kogălniceanu" Museum, Iaşi, 19 May 2015.
3. Radio show "Ora de istorie" [The history hour] on Radio România Iaşi, 21 October 2015, with the topic "România lui Carol I" [Romania of King Carol I], in which Cătălin TURLIUC spoke about the emancipation.
4. TV show "Cercetarea la răscruce" [The research at the crossroad], on Apollonia TV, Iaşi, 4 Octomber 2015 and 8 November 2015, made by Cătălin TURLIUC.

4. The Internet page

Our research team has its own site ( where, in Romanian and English, the project is presented and its activities so far are included (, in Romanian;, in English). This year we have enriched the site, meaning that we added several PDFs with our publications issued under this project or outside.

We believe that the results obtained so far are proving the original and high quality character of our research on an important topic for the actual preoccupations of the world historiography.

Bucharest, 4 December 2015

Dr. Viorel Achim