Activities and Results



The Abolitionist Movement in the Context of Civil
and Political Emancipation in Modern Romania


I. Documentation

Research stay abroad:
• Cătălin TURLIUC at British Library, London, United Kingdom, 10-18 December 2011.

II. Scientific manifestations organized within the project

Round table with the title “The emancipation of the Gypsies as a historiography problem", at the “Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History, Bucharest, 18 November 2011.
Within the round table, the presentations made by the team members - Viorel ACHIM, “The emancipation of Gypsies in historiography"; Venera ACHIM, “The sources for the study of Gypsy slavery and emancipation"; Raluca TOMI, “Romanian abolitionism and its international connections"; Cătălin TURLIUC, “Civil and political emancipation in modern Romania" - made a review of the research regarding the emancipation of Gypsies and the civil emancipation in the Romanian principalities and then in Romania during the 19th century and tried to place our project on the Romanian and international research map in the field.

III. Results

1. Conference papers:

1. Venera ACHIM: “Instituţionalizarea statisticii - un aspect al modernizării Principatelor Române (1831-1862)" [Institutionalization of Statistics - An aspect of the modernization in the Romanian principalities (1831-1862)] - paper at the Annual Meeting of the “Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History, Bucharest, 6-7 December 2011.