Minorităţile etnice în România în secolul al XIX-lea [Ethnic Minorities in Romania in the Nineteenth Century].

Edited by Venera Achim and Viorel Achim. Bucharest: Editura Academiei Române, 2010, 316 pp. ISBN 978-973-27-2022-6



coord-Achim-Venera_Achim-Viorel_Minoritatile-etnice-Romania-secolul-XIX-copertaThe volume gathers 18 studies consacrate to the history of ethnic minorities in the Old Kingdom of Romania. The studies, which may deal with a particular minority or with several minorities, refer/either to the Romanian principalities in the modern era, or, after the unification of 1859, Romania. The chronological limită superioară este reprezentată by the First Ward War.

The 18 studies have been previously presented in form of papers at the Conference “Ethnic Minorities in the 19th Century Romania”, desfăşurată in Bucharest, on October 29-31, 2009, organized by the Nicolae Iorga Institute of History in collaboration with the Department for Interethnic Relations of the Gouverment of Romania.

The Contents of the volume here.

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